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SATOP Level 1 - Adolescent Diversion Education Program (ADEP)


A 10-hour education course for minors who may have received Abuse and Lose, Minor in Possession, or Zero Tolerance offenses.

SATOP Level 1 - Offender Education Program (OEP)


A 10-hour education course designed for lower risk consumers in understanding the choices they made that led to their intoxication and arrest.

SATOP Level 2 - Weekend Intervention Program (WIP)


A 20-hour level of service designed for repeat or high-risk consumers using intensive education and counseling intervention methods over a weekend of structured activities. This program is conducted in a restrictive environment.

SATOP Level 3 - Clinical Intervention Program (CIP)


For those individuals with numerous DWI offenses, or for whom alcohol and / or other drugs are negatively impacting their lives, this is a 50-hour outpatient counseling program consisting of individual counseling, group counseling, and group education. Ten hours must address impaired driving issues.

SATOP Level 4 - Serious and Repeat Offender Program (SROP)

Individuals who have previously received treatment for drug and/or alcohol problems or who have severe dependency symptoms are referred to this 75-hour outpatient treatment program.

SATOP Screening


NDS provides screenings online and in person at our Kansas City, Liberty, Richmond, Excelsior Springs, and our Platte County Offices.